Thank you for visiting.  I am the founder of the Army Of Justice, Shock Justice, Flag Defenders, Inland Empire Brigade, and more. I was born in Trinidad, Colorado and grew up on the westside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I played soccer at West Mesa High School. I now live in Southern California.  I’m a father and husband.  I love to play golf and fish.  I coach AYSO.  And make websites. I am a croupier by trade.  But now I must lead the “War On Injustice.” If you love your country, I need your support.  Read my story and learn about this cause.  Enlist in the Army Of Justice! War On Injustice In January of 2011, I was racially profiled in Arizona.  Shortly thereafter, I released the website to educate individuals on how to protect themselves and their civil rights when dealing with law enforcement. In March of 2014, I released the website and the Trinidad 40 – Another Drug War Failure, to expose injustice on a large scale. In July of 2016, I released the Trinidad 40 – The Truth to expose the corruption of the criminal justice system and those that exploit it. I recently released the Trinidad 40 – The Cover-Up Of Injustice to expose a major cover-up and the enemies of America. I support honest, ethical, and professional law enforcement officers.  Read my Open Letter: Law Enforcement Officer. I love my country and my flag.  Visit for more information on my fight for the US flag. If you live in the Inland Empire and want to support me locally, visit

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Order your Army Of Justice gear here. Donate to the Legal Defense Fund. Thank You. May God Bless The United States Of America! Sincerely, Oracle of Justice Founder