I Want You For Army Of Justice

Oath of Membership

I will engage in, and support the efforts in the “War On Injustice.”
I will exercise my rights and duties as an American citizen.
I will maintain a personal policy of non-violent direct action.
I will defend my country, my Constitution, and my flag at all times.
I will fight for truth, accountability, liberty, and justice for all.
I am the Army Of Justice.

You are now a member of the Army Of Justice.  Engage.

I Want You For Army Of Justice


Our Mission

We fill fight for a better America.  We will fight for truth.  We will fight for accountability.  We will fight for Justice.

It is unbelievable that in America in 2020, there is no accountability in the criminal justice system. Why are the people in the streets all across America demanding justice?

We have judges, district attorneys, armies of lawyers, political oversight, countless civil rights organizations, and an independent media, yet there is chaos across the land.

The corruption in the criminal justice and legal systems is much worse than any of the social issues that we face today.  In fact, it is the cause of many of the problems that society is struggling with.

If the system will not hold itself accountable, then the Army Of Justice will.

We will fight to give America back to the people.

America is a tolerant nation.  We fight for equality.  We believe in civil discourse.  We believe in peaceful protest!  We respect the rights and property of others.  We support law enforcement officers that uphold their oath.  We believe in “Liberty and Justice For All.”

We fight for truth!

We fight for accountability!

We fight for justice!

America needs you!

Army Of Justice®

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