Truth – The criminal justice system is not broken.  The criminal justice system is corrupt.  America is not a “nation of laws.”  America is a “nation of lawyers.”  Read More…

Operation:  Shock Justice – One man vs. the system.  The efforts of our founder included the successful dismantling of a bogus drug sting.  Many innocent people, facing decades in prison, had their cases dismissed.  Read More…

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Legal Defense Fund – The Army Of Justice Legal Defense Fund has been established to defend  and support our founder in his efforts in the “War On Injustice.  Learn More…

Enlist In The Army Of Justice – We fight for a better America.  We fight for truth.  We fight for accountability.  We fight for Justice.  Enlist in the Army Of Justice!

The Army Of Justice is committed to Non-Violent Direct Action.

Law Enforcement Officer – The Army Of Justice supports honest, ethical, and professional law enforcement officers.  Read our Open Letter to Law Enforcement Officers.

This Is My Flag – America is under attack.  The enemies of America advocate for the “desecration of the US flag” to sow division and incite chaos in the name of “free speech.”  Free speech is not absolute!  Read More…

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About – The Army Of Justice has been in existence for millennia.  Only recently has it taken it’s current form.  Read More…

Founder – Our founder risked everything to help an innocent family member.  His actions were honorable and just.  He was threatened and his freedom was almost stolen.  With virtually no funding or legal protection he was forced underground.  Read More…

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