Law Enforcement Officer

The ARMY OF JUSTICE supports honest, ethical, and professional law enforcement officers.  We also believe in, and fight for, police accountability.

The ARMY OF JUSTICE calls on all Americans to respect and support law enforcement officers.  Law enforcement officers that honor and uphold their “Oath” are heroes.

All law enforcement officers owe it to the people, America, and each other to strive for a higher standard of policing and accountability.

Good officers ultimately suffer from the injustices committed by bad officers.

Open Letter – Law Enforcement Officer

August 29, 2015

Law Enforcement Officer,

To the honest, ethical, and professional law enforcement officer, we commend you for your hard work, dedication, and courage. For those officers that uphold your oath, we support you 100%.

We are not an anti-police organization, we are pro-accountability.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers are good, hard working people.  Unfortunately not all officers are honest, ethical and professional. The front line of defense against these unethical officers is their fellow officers. If these witnessing officers choose to look the other way or participate, then they become complicit in committing injustices against American Citizens.

Those officers that engage in any type of illegality shall be held accountable for their actions. The “blue wall of silence” shall be dismantled.  A “thin blue line” is absolutely acceptable and shall be supported by the people.

Those good officers that speak out against the illegal actions of their fellow officers should be commended and supported. If you find yourself unable or unwilling to speak up, it may be time to question your place in this broken system of justice.

The unethical and illegal actions of bad officers have a direct, negative effect on the honest, ethical and professional officer. There is a definite increase in hostility toward all police officers. This leads to incidents of violence against good, honest, hardworking officers.

We are committed to a policy of non-violent direct action.  We call on all Americans to support and assist police officers.  We condemn violence of any kind, whether it be against the public or law-enforcement.

We support all forms of peaceful protest and call on all law enforcement officers to protect the rights of all Americans to peacefully protest their government for a redress of grievances.  Peacefully protesting does not include harassing, menacing, or committing acts of violence against police officers doing their jobs.

We call on all police chiefs to hold themselves and their officers to a higher standard, we recommend regular diversity training to include minority, the mentally-ill, and the homeless. Protect your men and women, but hold them accountable.

No where is it more important to hold those in power accountable for their actions, than the criminal justice system. This goes not only for law enforcement officers, but for lawyers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges as well.

We will demonstrate through leadership and engagement that justice belongs to the people.

Those officers that uphold their oath shall be respected and supported by the people, while those that violate their oath shall be held accountable.

May God bless The United States of America.


Jesse Ray Breedlove
Army Of Justice®

(Updated on 9/24/2020)



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