Membership in the Army Of Justice® is a belief that good shall prevail over evil. Whether you engage in non-violent direct action, register on our website or show your support by wearing an Army Of Justice® T-Shirt, by standing on the side of justice, you are a member of the Army Of Justice.

As a member of the Army Of Justice®, you agree to conduct yourself in accordance with the rules and policies set forth. All members must commit to a policy of “Non-Violence.” A member of the Army Of Army Of Justice® remains responsible for personal actions at all times.

We encourage all of our members to be upstanding, law-abiding citizens. We support honest, ethical, and professional law enforcement officers 100%. Read our “Open Letter To Law Enforcement Officers”.

By joining this cause, you agree not to hold the Army Of JusticeArmy Of Justice®, it’s employees or associates liable for any arrest, injury, damages or worse that may occur while exercising your civil rights. You agree that your participation is of your own free will and that you personally accept responsibility for your actions.