The criminal justice system is not broken.  The criminal justice system is corrupt.  America is not a “nation of laws.”  America is a “nation of lawyers.”

How can an institution such as the US justice system be such a failure?  A “system of laws” governed, monitored, and enforced by the US Department of Justice, an independent judiciary, politicians, armies of lawyers, and countless civil rights organizations, can only fail by design.

What do all of the above groups  and organizations have in common?  It can only be the “System of Lawyers.”

Like all evil, the legal system is corrupted by greed and power.  The American people must know the truth.  The “System of Lawyers” and their cabal are actively destroying this country.


It is the “System of Lawyers” that does not hold the police accountable.  If the police were actually held accountable, there would be far fewer cases of police misconduct and excessive force.  Police reform is long overdue, however it is accountability that is absolutely necessary.

Officers that violate department policy, make a serious mistake, intentionally violate the law, and or violate the rights of individuals, must be held accountable.  A lack of accountability erodes the public trust and fractures the necessary relationship between the police and the community.

All law enforcement officers owe it to the people, America, and each other to strive for a higher standard of policing and accountability.  Law enforcement officers that honor and uphold their oath are heroes.  Law enforcement officers should be respected and supported.  The police are not the enemy of the people.  Read our “Open Letter to Law Enforcement Officer.”


We have to believe that there are district attorneys in America that are attempting to do the right thing.  No matter how honorable their efforts may be, they are complicit in a system that is absolutely corrupt.  The fact remains that district attorneys (prosecutors) are lawyers.

The D.A. will not hold those in the system accountable.  Rarely will they hold the police accountable.  They will almost never hold another lawyer accountable.  They would never even consider holding a judge accountable.

District Attorneys are almost never held accountable for misconduct.  District Attorneys that violate the law, namely in withholding evidence from defendants, should be held criminally liable.  They should also lose their license to practice law.  There should be no statute of limitations for crimes committed by members of the legal profession.


Most judges are lawyers.  Those that aren’t, might as well be.  There is a nexus where judges, lawyers, and those in their cabal, use organizations, private associations, groups, foundations, etc., to network and present each other with awards and accolades, virtually unknown to the general public.

Unfortunately judges are “above the law” and virtually untouchable.  Judges should be “above the law” in character, integrity, and honor.  Judges should not be criminally “above the law.”


There are countless civil rights organizations in America.  How can there be such chaos in today’s society?  How can their be so much injustice?  All of the larger civil rights organizations are operated and/or controlled by lawyers.

The “Head of the Snake” is actually a “so-called” civil rights organization.  This organization of lawyers has gained control of the legal, criminal justice, and political systems.  They control the media, and the narrative.  They have their tentacles everywhere.

They claim to defend individual liberty but behind closed doors, they do the exact opposite.  They bury injustice, sign confidentiality agreements, and then set up their cabal of lawyers for easy victories and huge paydays, all at the expense of truth, justice, and the American taxpayer.


The US Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing the law, which includes holding the police, lawyers, and judges accountable.

The US Department of Justice is full of partisan attorneys and judges.  These lawyers have no incentive to hold the system accountable, they would never hold those in the legal community accountable.  These lawyers will not “rock the boat” if they hope to have a successful future in the legal profession.  The “culture of law” is more important to the “System of Lawyers,” than the well-being of this great nation.  Power, greed, and influence are the currency of the legal system.  Not truth, accountability, and justice.

The US Department of Justice rarely holds lawyers or judges accountable.

The “head of the snake” has operatives deep within the United States Department of Justice.


If the members of the legal community had any respect for America, the rule of law, truth, justice, or for their profession, they would hold each other to a higher standard and accountable.

If you have ever wondered how the system can be so broken, the answer is really quite simple.  There is no accountability.  The “System of Lawyers” operates behind closed doors, confidentiality agreements, sealed files, court orders, and whatever else they can come up with to hide the truth.

The “System of Lawyers” controls the criminal justice and  legal systems by networking and using back-channels.  They have back-channels, deep inside every institution, the Justice Department, every political institution, companies of all sizes, civil rights organizations, and to all other law firms,  judges, and even the media.

Nothing happens by accident.  The criminal justice and legal systems have been corrupt since the founding of our country.

Now is the time for change.  The criminal justice system belongs to the people.  Not the lawyers.  Not the judges.


There must be accountability in the criminal justice and legal systems.

The Army of Justice has 3 initiatives to fight injustice and corruption across America:

  1. Truth in Justice
  2. Truth in Law
  3. Truth in Media

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”

― Thomas Paine

Truth in Justice:  The integrity of the justice system must be governed by truth and  accountability.  The system must serve the people.

Accountability, transparency, and equal access are the only way to achieve substantial change.

Truth in Law:  Lawyers and judges must be held accountable.  No more collusion, misrepresentation, conflicts of interest, backroom deals, confidentiality agreements without cause, and or deception in the legal system.

A system of oversight must be developed.  Clients/defendants, who are misrepresented, deceived, and or purposefully defrauded, must have recourse.  Clients/defendants must have full access to their own case file before, during, and after a case is adjudicated.

Clients/defendants should have the option to have their case investigated for misconduct committed by their own attorney, opposing counsel, the district attorney, and/or the judge, by an outside agency/company/law firm of their choosing, to review and/or investigate for possible violations, including, but not limited to, misrepresentation, collusion, fraud, conflict of interest. etc.

If at any time, there are violations, misrepresentation, misconduct, deception, collusion, etc., the client/defendant should have the right to sue his/her attorney, opposing counsel, the  district attorney, and even the judge, for damages.

Truth in Media:  The media does not serve the people.  The media serves the rich and powerful.  Is the American media a watchdog or a lapdog?

The American media is bought and paid.  An independent media, journalistic integrity, where?

The media is more partisan than the political system itself.

We demand full transparency for all media outlets engaging in any form of journalism, i.e. news reporting, investigative reporting, financial reporting, political reporting, etc.

We call on all media outlets to create a “Truth In Media” white paper that lists who owns the media company, political donations and affiliations, major advertisers, and any other possible conflict of interest.

We will call it the “Truth in Media Challenge.”

The time for change is now!

Stand up and be counted.

Support the Army of Justice!



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